Ventilation Centrifugal Air Blower

Product Details:

Blade Material Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Plastic
Electric Current Type AC
Power Source Electric Blower, Manual Blower, Pneumatic Blower
Pressure High Pressure, Medium Pressure, Low Pressure, Unpressurized


We offer high quality Ventilation Centrifugal Air Blower for various applications such as fume extraction, dust collection, drying, ventilation purpose, material conveying, cooling etc. We have carved a remarkable position as the successful centrifugal blowers manufacturer across nation. High efficiency fans that are used in our centrifugal blower promise low power consumption. As per the demand of the patron, different ranges of pressure and volume ratio are available.


  • Low power consumption
  • High efficiency fans
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Exceptional quality

Impellers/Rotors use for Ventilation Centrifugal Air Blowers:

  • Ventilation Inlines Air Blowers are very efficient and made for different types of Impellers or Rotors like Backward/forward Curved inclined bladed, Airfoil designs, Open Type, Multiblade Type, F type, Backward curved Impellers/Rotors, Forward curved Impellers/Rotors, etc.

Required Specifications for Ventilation Centrifugal Air Blowers:

  • Air Volume
  • Air Pressure
  • Motor H.P.
  • Blower R.P.M.
  • Operating Temp
  • Drive Type
  • Construction of Material (M.O.C.)

Application of Ventilation Centrifugal Air Blowers/Fans:

  • Ceramic and Refractories Industries,
  • Chemical Factories,
  • Cement Plants,
  • Crucible Furnaces,
  • Furnaces like Oil,
  • Gas,
  • Cupola Furnaces,
  • Flour Mills,
  • Rolling Mills,
  • Boilers,
  • Textile Mills,
  • Cattle Feed Plants,
  • Pharmaceutical Industries,
  • Fertilizer Industries,
  • Plastic Machinery Plants,
  • Hot Mix Plants,
  • Iron and Steel Plants,
  • Paper Industries,
  • Process Industries,
  • and many more.

Use of Ventilation Centrifugal Air Blowers/Fans:

  • As Supply and Exhaust fans in Ventilation systems, In air handling units for air conditioning systems, In cold storage plants, For Fumes / Heat /Humidity / Smoke / Any other air Gases extraction and circulation in industrial plants/shed/covered-uncovered area, Industrial Blowers/Fans are widely used in Ventilation, Pollution Control, Fume Extraction, Dust collection, Induced Draft(ID Fans) and Forced Draft(F.D.Fans) for Boilers and Furnaces, Dust, suitable for various applications for Cooling, Humidification, Ventilation, Gas exhaust fans, Exhausters, fresh air supply, HVAC duties, Combustion for Burners, Recirculation of Fresh and United Air, etc.
  • Enviro Tech Industrial Products also Manufacturer, Supplier, Export, of Different Blowers, like Single Inlet Single Width Centrifugal Backward/Forward Curve Blowers (SISW Blowers), Airfoil Blowers, DIDW Blowers, Centrifugal Blowers, Air Blowers, Exhaust Blowers, Combustion Blowers, High Pressure Blowers, Low Pressure Blowers, Forced Draft Blowers(F.D.Fans), Induced draft Blowers(I.D.Fans), and all types of Industrial Fans.

Ventilation Centrifugal Air Blowers/Fans Features:

  • High efficiency, Low sound level, Compact Design, Large sizes can be dismantled, More Air with less HP, Easy in operation, Smooth in Running, Several versions available, etc.


  • Rated Power: 1.0kW-7.0kW
  • Material: Metal
  • Power: 380V/50Hz

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