Tangential Entry Hollow Cone Nozzle

Tangential Entry Hollow Cone Nozzle- D.P.ENGINEERS
Tangential Entry Hollow Cone Nozzle is supplied in the market in many shapes and metallic frame. These cone nozzles are quality tested by the experts in line to meet satisfaction of users from all commercial places of Indian market. Damage proof in nature, provided cone nozzles are supplied in the market in safe mode.


Damage resistant
Fine finish
Metallic frame
The tangential nozzles, at their inlet have been provided with an eccentric hole. Their design geometry provides a well balanced uniform atomization. Absence of any inserts and large free passage rotation prevents the nozzle from clogging.
Application: Humidifying of air, air washing, dust suppression, filter cleaning, Foam control etc.
End connection: 1/8” − 1” BSP /NPT male or female connection as requested.
Working Pressure: 0.2-6 Bar
Material: Brass
Tolerance: 0.01mm

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