Suction Strainer Filter

Product Details:

Sealant Epoxy based

Suction strainer filter are designed for installation into high-pressure suction lines of hydraulic pumps. Suction strainer elements are only intended to protect hydraulic pumps against catastrophic failure caused by coarse contaminants.


  • Flow rate: Suction strainers are available from a flow rate of 5 to 250 lpm
  • Nominal particle rating: Filters are available from 10 microns to 150 microns filtration rating
  • Filter caps: Die cast aluminium nut and caps are installed
  • Filter media: Stainless steel wire mesh and perforated steel core
  • Sealant: Epoxy based
  • Sizes: Custom build sizes are offered
  • Operating conditions: Filter can withstand temperature up to 120ºc. Filter is washable or can be cleaned by applying air pressure and reused

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