Dust Collector Pleated Cartridge Filter

Product Details:

Filter Medium Material Activated Carbon, Cotton, Fiberglass, Microfiber, Paper
Length 0-5″, 5″-10″, 10″-15″, 15″-20″, 20″-25″, >25″, 0-5,5,10,15,20,>25
Usage Air Filter, Water Filter, Oil Filter, Steam Filter

We offer a number of Dust Collector Pleated Cartridge Filter that are available in three different diameters such as 150mm, 225mm and 325mm. These flanges are made from aluminium / stainless steel and its base and interior baskets are from 1.2mm galvanized steel.


  • Medium Material: Microfiber
  • Cartridge Filter: Fiberglass
  • Filter Bag Filter: The Filter Type
  • Material: Fiberglass

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