DP Engineers Evaporative Cooling Pads

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Brand dp engineers

DP Engineers Evaporative Cooling Pads
We have been engaged in manufacturing and supplying superior quality eco-friendly Honey Combs and DP Engineers Evaporative Cooling Pads. Our products have achieved great appreciation in the market for their longer functional life, low maintenance and durability. The Evaporating Cooling Pad (ECP), made of cellulose paper is engineered from cross-sectional, specially treated flute media capable of absorbing and retaining water to provide the maximum cooling efficiencies. The cellulose media is treated with stiffening and wetting agents to provide the cooling, without any water carryover. Our pads are designed for tropical and subtropical countries, ensures greater performance during summer seasons. The pad media is treated with anti-rot and rigidifying resins. The media is cross-corrugated to maximize the mixing of air and water.


  • Durable
  • Compatible
  • Economical
  • All-India Network
  • Technical Support
  • No Edge Build Up
  • Good Quality Gluing
  • Quick Deliveries
  • Water Retention
  • Samples available on request


  • Type: Cooling Tower Fill
  • Usage: Cooling Tower
  • Material: PVC

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