7090 Cellouse Cooling Pad

Product Details:

Usage Industrial Use, Residential Use, Office Use

7090 cellulose Cooling pad
The Cellulose Pad is cross corrugated coated with anti rot, rigidifying & wetting resins. The 150 VAPUR+ Pad are made for maximum efficiency, at minimum pressure drop.The pad media is treated with anti-rot and rigidifying resins. The media is cross-corrugated to maximize the mixing of air and water. Saturation efficiency ranging from 50 to 98% can be achieved depending upon air velocity and depth of the cooling pad.
Air flows horizontally, while the re-circulating water flows vertically, through the pad. The water is collected at bottom of the pad and is re-circulated, again by a pump through the unique gutter system made of G. I. Sheet.

  • Absorbent Pads
  • Sterile Mixed Cellulose Ester (MCE) filter
  • Petri Dishes
  • Sterile Cellulose Acetate Filter
  • Application:-
  • D.P.ENGINEERS make Evaporative Cooler system this system is efficiently backed up by the cellulose pads that in turn amplifies the efficiency of the system on a whole and thus provides cooler air in the required area.
    • Wastewater, Microbiological analysis of water, beverages.
    • Quartz fiber filter for monitoring air pollution.
    • Thimble filters for monitoring dust, organic, metal, or other pollutants.
    • Small volume field sampling and analysis of fluids or aerosols.

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