24 Inch X 24 Inch X 2 Inch Standard Pleated Air Filter Dohad Industrial Area

24 Inch X 24 Inch X 2 Inch Standard Pleated Air Filter Dohad Industrial Area

Construction: Are Made From High Quality Synthetic Non-Woven Media, Supported By a Fine HDPE Media On Both Sides. Media Is Then Housed Inside An Extruded Aluminium Frame.

Specifications :

  • Efficiency : Standard HDPE Pleated Type Pre Filters Have an Efficiency of 90% for 10 Micron Size Particles. Pre Filters With An Efficiency Rating of 80 to 90% to Capture 10 Micron to 20 Micron Size Particles Are Also Available On Order.
  • Filtration Class : Filter Grades G3, G4, F5 of EN779, ASHRAE 52.2 Equivalent MERV 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and Eurovent EU3, EU4 and EU5 Are Available
  • Frame Type : Available in Flange Or Box Type
  • Frame Material : Standard Model is Constructed in Galvanized Steel. Other Models With Aluminium Anodized/Stainless Steel Frame With or Without Powder Coating Are Also Available On Order.
  • Filter Media : HDPE And Non-Woven Synthetic.
  • Gasket : No Gasket is Installed in Standard Filter Model. Non-Woven Syntheti/Rubber Gasket Can Be Ordered On Request
  • Separators : None
  • Sealant : PU Based Epoxy
  • Face Guard : No Face Guard With Standard Model is Supplied. On Order/Request Filter Can Be Protected With Expanded Mesh On Both Sides
  • Nominal Depth : Depth Size is Available From 1.0 Inches to 6 Inches (Pre HDPE Pleated And Rod Type)
  • Sizes : Standard Size Of The Filter is 610 x 610 x 50 MM in Box or Flange Type. Other Sizes Are Build On Order.
  • Pressure Drop : Initial Pressure Drop ~2.5 MM WG and Recommended Final Pressure Drop is 5-10 MM WG
  • Operating Conditions : Filter Can Withstand Temperature Up to 80ºC And Relative Humidity of 100% at 0 Condensation. Filter is Washable or Can Be Cleaned By Applying Air Pressure And Reused.

Application :

D.P.ENGINEERS Pre Filters Are Most Suited For:

  • Air Handling Units (AHUs), Air-Conditioning Systems.
  • Power Plants,Chemical and Fertilizer Complexes.
  • Green Houses, Automatic Drain Holes,Paint Shops.
  • Textile Mills.
  • Cement Factories.
  • Laminar Air Flow Units.
  • Biosafety Hoods.
  • Fan Filter Units (FFU).
  • Gas Turbine Industry.
  • Compressor, Diesel Engines.
  • Nuclear Power Station.
  • CD-Rom Production Industry.
  • Picture Tube Production Industry.
  • Semi-conductor Industry.
  • Aeronautical Industry And Miscellaneous Industrial Ventilation.

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