Series 104 – Differential Pressure Switch

Product Details:

Application Structure Pipe, Plumbing Pipe, Chemical Handling Pipe, Gas Pipe, Drinking Water Pipe,
Brand dp engineers
Brand dp engineers
Media Type Gas , Liquid
Media Type Gas, Liquid

Series 104 – Differential Pressure Switch

The Series 104 Differential Pressure Switch is a low-cost easy to use differential pressure switch for very low pressure applications. The differential pressure switch can monitor positive, negative, or differential pressure and with an easy to adjust set point knob makes field set up and adjustment hassle free. The differential pressure switch includes a SPDT relay rated for2A @ 250V and can be set as low as 0.08” w.c. (20 Pa).
Model Number Pressure range in w.c. (Pa)
104-0 0.08 to 1.2 (20-300 Pa)
104-1 0.12 to 1.2 (30-300 Pa)
104-2 0.20 to 2.00 (50-500 Pa)
104-3 0.80 to 4.00 (200-1000 Pa

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