PVC Black Fills

Product Details:

Color White, Natural, Blue, Multicolor, Transparent

PVC Black Fills
Our qualitative range of PVC Black Fills are continuously vacuum formed. These are long lasting, resistant to rugged environment, simple and sturdy in construct. Some essentials features are:

  • Specially treated to offer maximum contact area for heat exchange.
  • The crossing of air and water streams is in close proximity
  • The proximity develops a diffused turbulence which is conducive to evaporation and efficient heat transfer.


  • Rigid Poly Vinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Honey comb design with double edge folded very large contact surface area
  • Fills Flute height 12mm to 19mm & sheet thick 0.2 to 0.25 mm
  • Fill Size : 600mm x 300mm x 150mm
  • Color : Black

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