Pleated Metal Mesh Filter

Product Details:

Color Grey
Mesh Material SS


Pleated Metal Mesh Filter are pre filters that are designed for general ventilation and air conditioning system applications as well as for electric motors and plenum air for working areas. These are an economical and a very durable option over other pre filter counterparts.



  • The element is constructed using 5 layer of GI Wire mesh inter-spaced with 2 crimpled layers and 3 flat layers. The media is supported with expanded metal from both sides as reinforcement and housed usually in deep metal frame (custom build sizes are also available on order).


Specification Efficiency:

  • Standard Pleated Metal Mesh Filter have an efficiency of 65% for 20 micron size particles. Metallic filters with an efficiency rating of 65-85% to capture 25 micron to 50 micron size particles are also available on order. Efficiency can be increased to 85% if the filters are oil wetted.


Technical Specifications:


  • Frame Type: Available in Flange or Box Type GI,AL.,SS
  • Filter media: GI/SS/Aluminum expanded mesh
  • Face guard: Filter is protected with expanded mesh on both sides
  • Pressure drop: Initial pressure drop ~1mm wg & recommended final pressure drop is 5-10mm wg


Operating conditions:

  • Filter can withstand temperature >80âºc and relative humidity of 70%. Recommended air velocity is 2m/sec to 2. 5m/sec. Filter is washable and can be washed using water or back air pressure and reused.



  • Pleated Metal Mesh Filter are most suited for:
  • Air Handling Units (ahus),
  • Automatic Drain Holes,
  • Paint Shops,
  • Textile Mills,
  • Cement Factories,
  • Miscellaneous Industrial Ventilation.


  • Frame Material: SS
  • Mesh Material: SS
  • Color: Grey

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