Air Washer Paper Pad

Air Washer Paper Pad

Which is made of fluted cellulose sheet those are glued together. Cellulose sheet is treated with unique ingredients to achieve high cooling efficiency and degradation resistance.

As hot air passes through the Evaporative Cooling Pad, a stream of cool and refreshing air is produced.

DP Model 5090 & 7090 evaporative cooling pads are developed to provide exceptional wetting properties and airflow to achieve optimum cooling capacity and maximum durability.
H: Pad Height
W: Pad Width
h: Flute Height
D: Pad Depth
ñ: Flute Angle
ò: Flute Angle
Excellent wetting properties
Strong and self supporting
No water carry-over
ECO friendly
High evaporation & cooling efficiency
Long life span
Self cleaning
Easy to install
Low Pressure drop
Dirt resistant
Low operation cost
Greenhouses & Horticulture industry
Vegetable storage
Mushroom farming
Seed farming
Seed farming
Poultry and Livestock industry
Poultry farms
Dairy farms
Industrial and comfort cooling
Cooling fan
Industrial humidification
Residential cooling.

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