8 Pocket Paint Booth Filter

8 Pocket Paint Booth Filter
primary filter sponge, a filter sponsor with alternate blue and white, is mainly applicable to collecting the larger dust molecules in the air to prevent the medium filter from being filled and blocked with larger dusts so early and to keep longer service life and better filtration effect. It is made of super hard fiber and is sprayed with a kind of adhesive evenly for strengthening, and so it has a better primary filtration.
• Weight: 270 gr/sqm
• Thickness: 15 mm
• Air Velocity: 0.55 m/sec
• Air Flow Rate: 1980 m3/h
• Initial Resistance: 15 Pa
• Final Resistance: 200 Pa
• Medium Arrestance: 77.40%
• Dust Holding: 285 gr/sqm
• Max Temperature: 110 centigrade degree
• Flame Resistance: F-1 DIN 53438
• Available 5,7,8 & 10 Pocket Filter and demand on Customer

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