Galaxy S5 Mini Digital Differential Pressure Gauges

Product Details:

Brand galaxy

GALAXY D5 Mini Digital Differential Pressure Gauge/Controller/Transmitter
Applications and features

Apply high accuracy MEMS sensor and digital technologies, can measure positive, negative or differential pressure. It can completely replace the traditional pointer mechanical gauges

It can measure fan and blower pressures, filter resistance,air

velocity,pressure drop across orifice plates, differential pressure of medical pharmaceutical machine, biological safety cabinets, clean bench,etc.

It could be flush, surface or wall mount.

Accuracy is up to ±1% FS,with large LCD display.

Function keys: zero reset, units select, display update time, automatic sleep time, alarm,etc.


Medium:Non-combustible, non-corrosive air, insensitive to

moisture, dust, condensation and oil Working Temp.: D5:-10~50°C,D5P/G/T:-20~70°C Medium Temp.: 0~60°C
Temp. Compensation:0~50°C
Working Pressure: overload 10xFS, burst 15xFS
Display: 5 bits LCD, with engineering unit, with backlight
(except D5)

Output: 0-10V / 4-20mA(3 wires)

Output load: ≤500Ω(current), ≥2KΩ(voltage)

Digital Output: RS485/Modbus(9600-n-8-1)

Relay Output: 2×SPST, 1A/30VDC, 0.5A/125VAC

Accuracy: up to ±1.0%FS, see accuracy table

Long term stability: ±0.5%FS /Year

Thermal effect: <0.05%FS/°C(zero), <0.08%FS/°C(FS)

Battery type (D5):

Power: AA battery x 4, recommend LR6 alkaline

Display update time: selectable for 0.5/1/5/10s (default 1s)
Automatic sleep time: selectable for normal open (NO), or
1/5/10min (default 1min)
Battery service life: when display update time=1s and automatic sleep time=NO,≥2 year. When displaytime>1s or automatic sleep time≥1min, will be longer. It also depends on the quality of the batteries.
Power type (D5P/D5G/D5T): 15~28VDC/AC
Process Connection: 5mm ID tubing, two pairs (left/back)
Keys: 3 touch buttons
Protection: IP65
Weight: 220g (battery type incl. batteries), 180g(power type)
Materials: ABS
Approval: CE
Accessory: A-S0 is standard. It can be used for surface or panel mount. See details in Accessories

Additional Information:

  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)

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