Pleated Cartridge Filter

Product Details:

Filter Medium Material Activated Carbon, Cotton, Fiberglass, Microfiber, Paper
Length 20
Usage Air Filter, Oil Filter, Steam Filter

Pleated Cartridge Filter are widely used for superior industrial filtration for wide range of requirements. The Cartridge is made out of premium grade phenolic impregnated cellulose filter media. The Cartridge is designed for critical filtration requirements, provide long service life, high flow rate and low pressure drop.  The Cartridges are available in 0.5um, lum, 5um, 10um, 20um, 30um and 60um pore sizes. The Cartridge performs at 99% removal efficiency.


  • Material: Cellulose Paper
  • Efficiency: F7Filtration
  • Grade: Medium
  • Filter Type: Cartridge Filter

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