Honeycomb Filter Air Cooling Pad

Product Details:

Brand www.dpengineers.in, D.P.ENGINEERS

Honeycomb Filter Air Cooling Pad is used by new generation high polymer material and the spatial crossing linking technology, has high absorbing water, high water resistant, anti-to get moldy and spoil, the service life long and so on merits. Moreover the evaporation relative surface is big, the temperature decrease efficiency reaches above 80%, does not contain the surface active agent, nature absorbing water, the propagation rate is quick, the potency is lasting. A water drop 4~5 second then proliferated finishes. International same profession standard nature absorbing water is 60~70mm/5min or 200mm/1.5hour. The cooling pad do not include causing the skin sensibility chemical substances and so on phenol, installs when the use to human body non-toxic harmless, green, security,energy conservation, environmental protection, economy.


  • Type: Air-Cooled
  • System Type: Combined
  • Fans Species: Single-speed Fan
  • Cooling Water: Industrial Water

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