HEPA Filters, Flow Capacity Range: 500-1000 &1000-1500 CFM (एचईपीए फ़िल्टर, फ्लो क्षमता रेंज: 500-1000 और 1000-1500 सीएफएम)-D.P.ENGINEERS

Product details:
Frame Material G.I., Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Filtration Capacity (microns) 0.25-0.5
Filter Dimensions (cm X cm X cm) 60 X 60 X 30
Flow Capacity Range 500-1000 cfm, 1000-1500 cfm, 1500-2000 cfm, >2000 cfm
Product description:
We are manufacturing Filters For Air Handling Unit & Air washers.
Frame : Aluminium
Media : Glass Media
However GI and SS frame and media are also available on request.
Filtration Capacity (microns): 99.97 % down to 0.3 microns
Filter Dimensions (cm X cm X cm): 60 X 60 X 30
Frame Material: G.I. ,Aluminium ,Stainless Steel
Flow Capacity Range: 0-500 cfm ,500-1000 cfm , 1000-1500 cfm , 1500-2000 cfm

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